1. An Apostle's Ministry Blueprint: Cambodia Model

2. The Making of Jerusalem in China

3. Leading and Managing an Apostolic Ministry

4. Prophetic Praise and Worship

5. Identifying, Activating, and Flowing in Spiritual Giftings

6. Agape Love in the Five-Fold Ministry: Transcending Races, Borders, and Generations

7. The Role of the Prophetic Ministry in Preparing the Way for Jesus' Coming

8. The Current State of the Father's Business

9. Prophetic Prayer and Intercession Across Ministries

10. Deliverance and Healing Ministry

11. Tracing the Jewish Roots of our Christian Faith: Implications on the Five-Fold Ministry

12. Why Women Should Respond to the Ministry Calling 

13. The Vision of Planting House Churches

14. Signs and Wonders and Tongues 

15. Spiritual Warfare: Why Reach out to Antartica?

16. The Marketplace Ministry 

17. The (Kingdom) Media is the (Kingdom) Message

18. Catching and Spreading the Fire of Revival 

19. The Voice of the Youth: What It Takes to Rise up for Jesus 



Pastor Joe and Jade Castillo, All Nations International Fellowship.
Rev. Heng Cheng, Former Gen. Sec .of Evangelical Fellowship of Cambodia & Founder of Mission Kampuchea 2021
Dr. Mary Craig, Apostle to the Nations, Craighouse® Christian Fellowship.
Donnie Davis, Senior Pastor of Amazing Grace Community Church.
David Sullivan, Apostle to the Nations-- PrinciplesTV.
Ibrahim Womack, Apostle to the Nations--I.R. Ministries.
Chelsea Musick, Christian Recording Artist
Tammy Koller, Worship Director at Amazing Grace Community Church,
Dara Kheav, Pastor of Faith Family Church Cambodia,
Marjorie Fillomena, Pastor of Abundant Life Assembly of God
Ann Greve, Senior Pastor at International Christian Assembly-Cambodia
Anthony Wong, Missionary--Asian Outreach Ministry
Ed and Sherry Benish, Evangelists/Missionaries Good News Mission Internat'l/Sherry Benish Ministries
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