Be exalted, O God, above the heavens; let your glory be over all the earth. -Psalm 57:11


Here is the list of topics that has evolved thus far through the leading of the Holy Spirit:

1. "The Jewishness of Our Christian Faith"

2. “The Kingdom of God Beyond Walls”

3. “The Times and Seasons of God and His Feasts”

4. “The Bread, The Wine; The Branches, The Vine”

5.  “The All-Consuming Fire of God”

6. “The Gifts and Fruit of the Spirit”

7.  “Empowered: Unstoppable Force (Acts 1:8)”

8. “The God-given Vision of ‘Jesus Reigns’” 

9. “Winning Your City for Jesus" 

10. "'As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord' (Joshua 24:15)"

11. “When ‘the Doctor’ Needs a Check-up”

12. "The Gifts of Healing and Tongues, Signs and Wonders"

13. "The Gift of Prophecy"

14. "New Mission from God"

15. "The Final Move of God"

16. "A Minister's Spouse, Anyone?"

17. "The Apostolic Ministry and the 'Fathering' Heart" 

18. "The State of God's Storehouse"

19. "Doing What HE Commanded and 200% Holiness"

20. "The Deliverance Ministry of Jesus and the Endtime Harvest"

21. "The Testimony of the Intercessors For the Philippines"

22. "Acts Church" 




Bishop Philip and Sis Cora Pattaguan Soul Winners Fellowship-Philippines
Ricky Sayco, Lead Pastor at Lake City Church-Phillipines
David Sullivan, Apostle at Harvest Fields Internat'l and Director of Principles TV, United Kingdom
Gina Osmena, Vision Keeper of Jesus Reigns-Philippines
Charlene Kugler, Missionary at Agape Life Ministries-Cambodia

Bishop Chito Sanchez

River of God, Philippines

Marlon Arcilla, Lead Pastor at Journey Church Philippines
Pastor George and Sis Cyndi Pepico, Journey Church Davao-Philippines
Dara Kheav, Pastor at Faith Family Church-Cambodia

Pastor Marjorie Fillomena

Abundant Life AG, Philippines

Edwardneil and Doreen Benavidez Pastors at Precious Cross Christian Church-Manila and Profs at Bethel Bible College Manila
Charles and Melanie Liban Pastors at Soul Winners Fellowship--Philippines
Bishop Edgar Magusip Endtime Harvest Christian Ministries
Bro. Steven Octavio, In His Life Ministries
Apostle Ibrahim Womack, I.R. Ministries
Sis Nona Londonio, Exec. Director of Intercessors for the Philippines
Pastor Joe and Sis Jade Castillo, All Nations International Fellowship
Pastor Rose Sadogio, Global Intercessors


Pastor Nam Trinh, Vietnam



Ed and Sherry Benish, Evangelists/Missionaries at Good News Mission Internat'l/S.B. Ministries



Please pray with us as we continue to seek the Lord for the design of the Program. In the mean time, here is a bird's eye view of the 3-day schedule. Thank you and blessings!  


Day 1, August 5 (Friday):

      7AM-- Start of Registration  

      10AM--Session Begins with Praise and Worship

      12NN--Lunch and Fellowship

      1:30PM--Session Resumes

      5:30PM--Dinner and Fellowship

      7PM-- Session Resumes with Praise and Worship, Prayer/Intercession,

                 and Evening Devotion


Day 2, August 6 (Saturday)

      5:30AM--Morning Devotion with Praise and Worship and Communion

      6:30AM--Breakfast and Fellowship

      8:00--Session Resumes

      12NN--Water Baptism (Optional)

                  Lunch and Fellowship 

      1:30PM--Session Resumes with Praise and Worship

      5:30PM--Dinner and Fellowship

      7PM--Session Resumes with Praise and Worship, Prayer/Intercession,

               and Evening Devotion 


Day 3, August 7 (Sunday)

      5:30AM--Morning Devotion with Praise and Worship

      6:30AM--Breakfast and Fellowship

      8AM--Session Resumes

      12NN--Prayer/Intercession, Praise and Worship, and Communion

      12:30--Lunch and Fellowship






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